Hazardous Waste Collection,Transportation,and Treatment-Type of Treatment

The company has obtained the Hazardous Waste Treatment Business License issued by the Hebei Provincial Ecological Environmental Bureau and qualifications for collection, transportation, storage, and disposal treatment of 42 out of all 46 categories of hazardous waste listed in the National Catalog excluding HW01 Medical Wastes, HW10 Wastes containing PCBs and PBBs, HW14 New Chemical Wastes and HW15 Explosive Wastes. The company treatment catalog is as below.

Pharmaceutical Wastes

Waste pharmaceuticals,drugs and medicines

Pesticide wastes

Wastes containing wood preserving chemicals

Organic solvent waste

Wastes from heat treatment containing cyanide

Waste mineral oils

Oil/water,hydrocarbon/water mixture or emulsified liquid

Residues of rectifying and distillation

Waste dyes and paints

Organic resins wastes

Photographic chemical wastes

Wastes from surface treatment

Residues of incinerating disposal

Metal carbonyl compound wastes

Beryllium wastes

Chromium wastes

Copper wastes

Zinc wastes

Arsenic wastes

Selenium wastes

Cadmium wastes

Antimony wastes

Tellurium wastes

Mercury wastes

Thallium wastes

Lead wastes

Inorganic fluoride wastes

Inorganic cyanide wastes

Waste acids

Waste alkali

Asbestos wastes

Organic phosphorus wastes

Organic phosphorus wastes

Phenols  wastes

Ethers wastes

Organohalogen compound wastes

Nickel compound wastes

Barium compound wastes

Non-ferrousmetal smelting wastes

Other wastes

Waste catalysts

Appendix: list of hazardous waste disposal