Company Culture

The Cangzhou Jihuan Veolia Environmental Services Co.,Ltd.  embodies  a high degree of integration and unity of company and employee values in its corporate culture. The core values of the company are to create a strong team of professional technical and management personnel, to realize the value of the company, its customers, employees, society, shareholders and suppliers.

Adhering to Veolia group's environmental mission, maintaining its innovative spirit and sense of service, the company always meets and exceeds customer satisfaction and fulfills its commitment to the environment with excellent technology and service. The company is highly result-oriented with  the pursuit of efficiency and quality in parallel. The company focuses on family culture, love and care for our staff and employees. The company strives  to enhance the value of the employees  and  create a variety of learning opportunities and platforms for employees. Through the company's various activities and train & learn structure, our employee can achieve self-realization, personal values enhancement and better career development opportunities.




            The company's core values:                                                                                    

                 Social responsibility

                 Environmental responsibility




Veolia integrates its social and environmental responsibilities into its strategy, business model and ongoing processes. Veolia takes the sustainable development goals of the United Nations as the reference framework and nine sustainable development commitments as guidance. These commitments apply to all of the group's business activities in all countries and to all of its employees.


To Resourcing the Planet


Encourage circular economy and sustainable management of natural resources


 Contribute to fight climate change


Conservation and restoration of biodiversity

To Resourcing the Region


Join hands with stakeholders to build new relationships and value creation models


Promote regional development


Provide essential services to human health and development

To our Company’s People


Ensure a healthy and safe work environment


Encourage every employee to love his / her job and  actively develop work-related skills


Ensure respect for diversity, human rights and social responsibilities of employees